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Our mission is to help HOA property owners communicate with each other to maintain control of their board members.

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Even if your HOA is currently running well and fairly, what would happen if a group of people took over your board and started making decisions that benefited themselves at the expense of others. Maybe they want to buy a property and put in a large swimming pool and hot tub at the expense of the HOA. Maybe some other large expense or investment, that would only benefit a few. You would have to pay your share of the bills.

What if your board was to start adding or deleting CCRs in a way that only benefits a small group of properties and damage yours?

Could you stop them? Could you communicate with the rest of the members to let them know what was happening and the consequences? Who controls your newsletter? Who controls the elections? Could you vote out a rogue board if you wanted to once they were in control? How?

Join now and encourage your other HOA members to join also to give yourselves a way to communicate with each other quickly to maintain control over your board. If all is running well now, communicate now and assure that the CCRs protect you.