Surfside HOA, Ocean Park, Wa

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County Newpapers
-Chinook Observer Pacific County Press 115 Robert Bush Drive East, South Bend, WA 98586 360-875-6805
-Willapa -Harbor Herald • Town Crier Traveler’s Companion PO Box 706, Raymond, WA 98577 (360) 942-3466

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What is “The Faction”?

Horror Stories (if any reported, list is below, click on item to read full story.) Items in Blue are connected to stories. The others will be appearing soon.
General Illegal and Unethical Behavior of the Surfside Board
-Massive Destruction of Trees in Surfside
-McMurphy’s and the new Dark Sky CCR
-Durdel Case – False CCR fines, Shed Roof, Durdel won in court.
-Ottersen Case – Multi False CCR warning notices and fines
Johansen Shed lawsuit
–Johansen/Ottersen combined lawsuits
–Johansen/Small Claims suit for refund of attorney’s for small claims appeal
–Johansen small claims suit for refund of attoney’s fees for false lawsuit
-Illegal handling of asbestos water pipes
-Water system possible asbestos multi-million dollar lawsuits.
-Surfside HOA Board applies for unneeded Disaster Loan during Covid-19
What happened to the Covenant Committee and the Technology Committee
-Expensive and constant water system problems
-Falsified personal attacks on board member Deb Blagg
-The Bird Lady
-The 30 foot tall tree

Surfside Open Blog, Talk about anything Surfside here, you choose the subject.
Why we left Surfside Blog…
Blog of George Miller (Lots and lot of posts)
Facebook Owners in Surfside Estates, Ocean Park, WA (Open to all)
Facebook RVers Of Surfside Estates (For RVers only, excludes homeowners with RVs)
NextDoor Surfside or Ocean Park areas. (

Problems/Solutions Blog, Choose Topic Below
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*Tree Topping
*Illegal and Unethical Actions of the Board
*Rewriting the Covenants
*Free Member to Member Communication
*Voting/ Electronic Voting
*Water System
*Asbestos/Cement Water Pipes
*Unequal Enforcement of Covenants
*Preferential Treatment of the “Elite Faction”

Overview .
-Number of properties: about 2,854
-Website: (Controlled by the HOA Board)
(The above Facebook page is controlled and filtered by the HOA Board)
-Email Address:
-Physical Address: 31402 H St, Ocean Park, Washington
-Office Phone: (360) 665-4171